Dating someone with diabetes

Our website was designed to show diabetics living their lives out the way they want to live them because there’s a real encouragement to that on a day-to-day level.And yeah there’s speaking out when people talk with ignorance and aren’t completely aware of the impact of what they’re saying on so many people’s lives.I was constantly thirsty and always needing to use the bathroom.I also started losing weight rapidly—20 pounds in two weeks! I felt sluggish, drained, like a balloon losing air. But the real scare was I had to quickly learn so much. Looking back on it now, I guess in some ways it was better to be just thrown in and given everything at once.I’m not really uncomfortable about it…I let the flag fly. You and I are probably very similar in that (letting the diabetes flag fly)!

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Know that you can be creative and find a way to handle it so that you’re not uncomfortable.How do you hope your new non-profit Beyond Type 1 will help educate people?I think the main goal for Beyond Type 1 is about raising awareness around the differences between type 1 and type 2 and to specifically build the community for type 1 diabetics. When I have hard days, I reach out to my type 1 friends because we speak the same language.I always say that I think you’ll immediately see a difference in your numbers and knowing that you will feel better.The appearance side is more overwhelming thought than a reality.

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